sonamusica sonamusica at gmail.com
Tue Apr 1 19:12:47 BST 2008

I installed and upgraded UbuntuStudio Beta 8.04.

I made some test, so I'll report here:

1)I have a firebox soundcard; qjackctl and freebob doesn't let my
firebox work.
running "gksu qjackctl" my firebox seems to work
There is a possibilities to use a "FIREWIRE" driver in qjackctl, instead
of Freebob, anyway it doesn't work(maybe it is FFADO??)
I put at the end of message the error messages.

2)I think most of the problems are related to "1)", ardour(as user)
tries to setup a new audio/device also if jackd is running(as root). On
audio devices there is FFADO driver, naturally doesn't work.
running "gksu ardour2" let ardour to work, producing sound from firebox.
Anyway firebox doesn't work very well before,will firebox work with
FFADO driver??


19:08:10.564 Startup script...

19:08:10.567 artsshell -q terminate

19:08:11.309 Startup script terminated with exit status=256.

19:08:11.312 JACK is starting...

19:08:11.314 /usr/bin/jackd -v -dfreebob -r48000 -p1024 -n3 -D

19:08:11.324 JACK was started with PID=5477.

getting driver descriptor from /usr/lib/jack/jack_oss.so

getting driver descriptor from /usr/lib/jack/jack_alsa.so

getting driver descriptor from /usr/lib/jack/jack_freebob.so

getting driver descriptor from /usr/lib/jack/jack_dummy.so

jackd 0.109.2

Copyright 2001-2005 Paul Davis and others.


This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it

under certain conditions; see the file COPYING for details

JACK compiled with System V SHM support.

server `default' registered

registered builtin port type 32 bit float mono audio

registered builtin port type 8 bit raw midi

clock source = system clock via clock_gettime

loading driver ..

new client: freebob_pcm, id = 1 type 1 @ 0x80700a0 fd = -1

Freebob using Firewire port 0, node -1

new buffer size 1024

LibFreeBoB MSG: FreeBoB Streaming Device Init

LibFreeBoB MSG: Using FreeBoB lib version libfreebob 1.0.7

LibFreeBoB MSG: Device information:

LibFreeBoB MSG: Device options:

LibFreeBoB MSG: Port : 0

LibFreeBoB MSG: Device Node Id : -1

LibFreeBoB MSG: Samplerate : 48000

LibFreeBoB MSG: Period Size : 1024

LibFreeBoB MSG: Nb Buffers : 3

LibFreeBoB MSG: Directions : 0

Ieee1394Service::initialize: Could not get 1394 handle: Permission

Is ieee1394 and raw1394 driver loaded?

Fatal (devicemanager.cpp)[68] initialize: Could not initialize
Ieee1349Service object

Fatal (freebob.cpp)[69] freebob_new_handle: Could not
initialize device manager

LibFreeBoB ERR: cannot create libfreebob handle

FreeBoB ERR: FREEBOB: Error creating virtual device

cannot load driver module freebob

starting server engine shutdown

stopping driver

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