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Denis Crowdy dcrowdy at
Mon Sep 10 11:50:51 BST 2007

Hi Rafael,

I teach students music and audio engineering using Nuendo and various 
other DAW, synth and editing programs, but chose to use linux for my own 
audio work.  Ubuntustudio is a great place to start - good choice. 
First thing is to make sure you can get the audio server "jack" going 
smoothly without xruns.  See for info.  I find it 
best to control with "qjackctl".  Ardour is a great DAW - really quick 
and slick for recording and editing - but it does need jack running 
well.  Following the advice about a realtime kernel helps too.

Just found this link - - for 
firewire devices, but it also mentions how to get the realtime kernel going.

Hope this is useful,


Rafael F. Compte wrote:
> Hi guys
> Thanks for the tip about gksudo and its use. From now on I will try to 
> read the man pages. I'm actually losing my fear of the terminal  :)
> Now to get into subject I was wondering if this is the right place to 
> ask. I own a Sony Vaio laptop. It's actually kind of low-end (VGN-FS 
> series with Celeron M processor and 512RAM - upgraded to 1.5 GB). I'd 
> been a Windows user for some time until a couple of weeks ago when I 
> decided I had enough and wiped my hard drive and installed Ubuntustudio 
> on it. My decision was functional as well as ideological. No need to go 
> into that. I suppose you all know what I mean. Now, I'm used to Windows' 
> apps. I used Nuendo as a DAW (for audio and MIDI) and Sound Forge for 
> editing. In fact, I am a music student and I actually need these apps 
> for my projects. So what i've done is risky and I would appreciate your 
> help. What I'm trying to say is that I'd rather use Linux native 
> replacements for these apps instead of running a Virtual Machine. I 
> would say I'm almost a newbie, although I already bought a couple of 
> magazines and books to help me through the process. So I'm all ears to 
> recommendations and tips....
> Thanks in advance guys,
> Rafael
Dr Denis Crowdy
Department of Contemporary Music Studies, Macquarie University
+61 2 9850 6787

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