Upgrades in Gutsy Gibbon

xhi xhi at bootmeeow.demon.co.uk
Tue Sep 4 14:21:17 BST 2007


Excelant news, and thanks for the quick reply.



Yes there will be updates for gutsy gibbon when it comes out. This will 
include an update to ardour, as well as other updates.

Hope this helps


On 9/4/07, *gary* <gary at bootmeeow.demon.co.uk 
<mailto:gary at bootmeeow.demon.co.uk>> wrote:

    Hi all.

    First of, thanks to all those who have made UbuntuStudio possible,
    I for one appreciate all thier hard work and have been really impressed
    with it.

    Thanks for your time and effort.

    I had tried to setup a system myself using Jack but failed as I am very
    new to Linux.
    So when you released UbuntuStudio I was really pleased that I was able
    to install it
    and that it just worked out of the box, very impresive.

    Now for my question:

    Are there going to be any upgraded Applications in the Gutsy Gibbon
    release later in the year.
    Like Rosegarden 1.5 for example, or a newer version of Ardour?



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