mic help please

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Watch for sales on a Sm-57. Its industry standard. I have hade the nady and
the 57s and 58s. I have not found a bad one yet. Never regret there
purchase. Any decent studio should have at least one. Sometimes one is
plenty. I will always recommend the Sm series. 

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The Nady SP-5 is a better mic than anyone deserves for so little money, but
is not the equal of the Shure SM-57 or SM-58. It won't last as long or take
the abuse that Shures do, but if you take care of it and use it mostly in a
home studio, you will not regret buying that microphone.

You should be able to buy good cabes or adapters at almost any music shop or
electronics shop, though mail order from Hong Kong is probably a good deal
if you're in a rural area of New Zealand. Musician's Friend is selling the
SP-5 at just under US$20, so yes you got a deal!

Jeff Seager


Robert wrote:

I recently bought a Nady SP-5 new on ebay from a music shop in the US 
somewhere. I haven't been able to use it yet because I mistakenly 
bought a cable with a male XLR connector instead of a female one and 
the connector hasn't arrived from Hong Kong yet. 
As I'm pretty ignorant about this stuff I searched for user reviews on 
the web. What the reviews seemed to be saying was that this mic wasn't 
too far behind the SM58 in performance. Of course it's hard to 
distinguish genuine reviews from dishonest marketing, so I'd be 
interested to know whether those with more experience reckon I've 
actually got a mic with the performance I think I've got. I'd also be 
interested to know whether people think that it is a reasonable 
starter mic for a baritone to record demos. 
Anyway, if it turns out that it _is_ a reasonable mic then you can 
probably get one from the same place in California that I got mine. I 
paid about US$10 plus airmail, which is probably around NZ$0.75 or 
something right now. 
- -- 
Robert Persson

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