no sound with ardour

brendon brendontoogood at
Wed Oct 3 07:09:57 BST 2007

On Wed, 2007-10-03 at 15:25 +1000, Steve Lindsay wrote:
> On 10/3/07, Luke Yelavich <themuso at> wrote:
> >
> > Are you running the Jack audio server? The best program to start this is with qjackctl. You then
> > also need to connect the microphone to ardour, using either ardour's or qjackctl's patch bay,
> > and likewise, to hear the sound output from Ardour.
Yes I am running Jack

> >From memory the steps I go through are (after starting jack via
> qjackctl and opening up a session in ardour):
> - add a new track
> - go into the mixer  (can't remember which menu item, keyboard
> shortcut is ctl-m I think)
> - click the input button for that track
> - select "alsa:pcm 1" (or something like that) as the input for the track
> - hit the record button
it is ALT+m
> (as I said, I don't have ardour in front of me at the moment so those
> steps are possibly a little off)
> Then if you make a sound through your mic you should see the level
> indicator on the mixer move. If you also hear a sound, great, if not,
> then ardour's output is not being routed to alsa (if you get that far
> with no sound post again). If the level indicator doesn't move then
> the routing is not correct (try the steps above first, then post again
> if it doesn't work or make sense).
then as above, i started a new track and hit the record button and
nothing the track slider didn't move along nothing just alot of static,
it could be the mic i am using, as it is just a computer mic on a head
set, not sure but the slider of the track should at least, but no

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