newbie help please

Mark Stuart Burge mark at
Mon Oct 1 14:43:54 BST 2007

Hi Brendon,

If you want something well documented that works for your situation, 
then I would recommend getting to grips with Rosegarden.

It takes a little getting used to, but is a very capable environment to 
record audio from an external source (your mic) and create multiple 
tracks which can include midi (useful for plotting out some drum beats etc)


If you don't plan to use midi, then a program that is more like the 
industry standard 'pro-tools' is Ardour.  This excellent application is 
great for recording multiple audio tracks and tying them all together.

You will need to spend a little time getting jackd to work (launch 
qjackctl and tweak the settings until you stop accumulating xruns - 
something for another thread) but once you do, then you can route the 
audio from your mic input to each new track you want to work on.

Ardour will sync with hydrogen( the drum sequencer) so it is pretty easy 
to create some nice loops that will fit perfectly. There is a good howto 
I recently read, I will try to find it for you.

If you want simplicity for now and don't want to get involved with 
jackd, then you can get up and running quickly with Audacity, which is 
perfect for single track recording, but a little harder to keep all the 
additional tracks lined up.

Try these out see what feels right for you.

Good luck and 'have fun'

>>> ok guys I am new to doing recording stuff and using these types of
>>> programs, I am in need of some help on a good program to use, and is
>>> easy with some documentation to get me started.
>>> i am using UbuntuStudio Feisty
> I play the guitar(accustic) and wanting to record me playing, i will be
> using my compaq presario c554tu laptop,i know not the best but hey got
> to start somewhere to get to know my way around these programs.
> what I am after to record me playing and maybe play around with drum
> beats later on , I know i will need a mic to record using the mic in
> port, so where do i start?
> pretty new to this but a great interest of mine to write and record my
> own music.

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