slightly OT: Re: My single quote key is misbehaving

Det mailtodet at
Thu Nov 29 08:43:04 GMT 2007

> Spanish keyboard. No clue why they make the international keyboards so
> different from each other. All the latin languages should have a
> similar one and they don't. Portuguese isn't that different from
> spanish.

Latin like: derivations from the latin language? Or
Latin like: Using a latin derived character set?
Comparing Spanish and Portuguese, you're shurely right.

See: No clue why they made languages so different from each other:
Each language could be written with the same simple character set.  ;-)

As a german software developer used to type in 10-finger system,
I'm always switching between german and US english keyboard layout,
because the often used special german characters (umlauts) aren't available
on the english one, OTOH typing program code (with {}[]\ a.s.o.) is a pain
on a german layout. Also comparing the frequency of Y and Z in these
languages, the differences are reasonable.

So:  german texts in german layout, program code in english layout
absolutely makes sense. Beside that, I'm also writing spanish sometimes
(my wife originates from Spain), and trying to write a fluid text with
in ¡¿ñÑ  via the ALT-number combination feels very umcomfortable.

For me layout switching on my pc keyboard is as usual as the
dynamic button assingment on my mobile, PDA or tv remote control:
Each "mode" (application) has its own best suited layout.


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