Wannabe user - 3 questions

Mark Stuart Burge mark at msbrepairs.com
Thu May 31 23:15:11 BST 2007

Hi Fernando

> 1) Does UbuntuStudio come with Ubuntu already? Or do I need to have
> both? If Ubuntu is included in UbuntuStudio, which version shall it
> be?
The ISO download includes Ubuntu (fiesty)
> 2) Is there any difference between UbuntuStudio and Ubuntu itself with
> the software packages included in UbuntuStudio? I mean, does
> UbuntuStudio somehow "tune" your computer for working with
> Audio/Video/Graphics?
Yes - UbuntuStudio includes a low latency kernel
> 3) Can I install Ubuntu packages on UbuntuStudio, and UbuntuStudio
> packages on Ubuntu?
Yes, you can install packages designed for ubuntu easily both ways.
If you already have ubuntu (feisty) then you can run a script from the 
wiki that will install the necessary packages to convert it to the 
studio version.
It is a lot quicker than downloading a dvd image.

Have fun ...

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