Wannabe user - 3 questions

Fernando M Lacerda fernandomlac at gmail.com
Thu May 31 19:54:47 BST 2007

Hi, there!

It's been a couple days I first heard of UbuntuStudio. Seems very promising!

I've read just a bit about it, and I still have 3 quick and simple
(and very similar) questions:

1) Does UbuntuStudio come with Ubuntu already? Or do I need to have
both? If Ubuntu is included in UbuntuStudio, which version shall it

2) Is there any difference between UbuntuStudio and Ubuntu itself with
the software packages included in UbuntuStudio? I mean, does
UbuntuStudio somehow "tune" your computer for working with

3) Can I install Ubuntu packages on UbuntuStudio, and UbuntuStudio
packages on Ubuntu?

Well, looking up again it seems a bit more than three, only they are
grouped. Sorry for that, but I think you've got the picture...


Fernando Lacerda
fernandomlac at gmail.com

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