setting up

Mark Stuart Burge mark at
Thu May 24 19:33:16 BST 2007

In nero, depending on the version you are using, you may need to choose 
between a DVD Data project and a CD project or some other variant, like 
audio / video.

If you are using Startsmart - then you will find the choice along the 
top, where it shows a row of tabs to choose from.

It sounds like you are currently in a CD project rather than a DVD project .

Once in the DVD section, you should be able to see the option to burn 
from an iso image.

Another possibility, depending on how new you are to this, is that you 
only have a cd burner and not a dvd burner.

If all else fails,   burn a cd with the original feisty live cd and then 
run the script (found on the ubuntustudio website and referenced in a 
previous posting on this list.

Good luck

Artur Gouvea wrote:
> sorry my dummy question, people, but i didn't have time yet to 
> read any document about ubuntustudio, but i have already downloaded 
> the file. I had problem burning the .iso file. I want to know if 
> someone had the same problem. Seems like i'm not doing right 
> something...the program (nero) tells me i'm putting wrong media., 
> every time i put dvd-r. Do i have to put some othr kind of media? 
> Maybe i have to download everything again...| >/

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