video editing software in ubuntu studio

laurent.bellegarde at laurent.bellegarde at
Tue May 15 16:33:33 BST 2007

Cory K. a écrit :
> laurent.bellegarde at wrote:
>> hi, me again,
>> another question about the video editing software inside ubuntu studio.
> CInelerra was not included because of licensing reasons. 

okay, could you simply explain me what's the trouble with Cinelerra ? 
isn't it a free software ?

> Basically
> anything in Multiverse will not be on the Ubuntu Studio disk.

> Also, Audacity isnt there because its redundant. If someone wants it its
> a simple apt-get away.

okay, what's software has been choosen face to audacity ?

Audacity in France has an enormous succes, people should not understand 
not to have it...


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