video editing software in ubuntu studio

laurent.bellegarde at laurent.bellegarde at
Tue May 15 16:18:34 BST 2007

hi, me again,

another question about the video editing software inside ubuntu studio.

is there cinelerra ? if yes, which version ?

In repository, we have done an i386 and amd64 version of 
cinelerra 2.1 running under dapper, edgy, feisty, but

we found compared to the 2.0 version of cinelerra severals bugs, like

- unable to open and render correctly ogg vorbis/ogg theora movie, or 
sound track, it was good in 2.0

- importants troubles during rendering, big crashs, with plenty of hasard...

is there kino ? it works very well

i'm very interested by kdenlive, very good and beautifull, working fine 
under edgy, not tried yet under feisty, and none installable un der 
dapper, i have a trouble of compilating at the last package...

Pitivi is not enough developped yet to be use by beginners, i've talked 
since 2 weeks with a member of the team.

is there too dvdstyler, mandvd, mencoder, ffmpeg, audacity...

Thank's for your answers...


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