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Zevang j_e_s_j at
Thu Jun 14 00:35:25 BST 2007

Karlheinz, I managed installing and running Xubuntu in an old Pentium MMX (233 Mhz!). Right, it was not that wow performance, but it ran at least...

Now, for video and audio applications, I think it might de difficult to run, because those applications are just memory and resource eaters... :-)

good luck,


Karlheinz Noise <khzmusik at> escreveu: >Please, your processor is awfull - you never going to make it. You
>really need at least Pentium4 with 1 G memory. Then you can expect
>something happening.
>There are some Linux distros to work on that prcosessor, try them, but
>forget audio or video programs

So, let me get this straight - the computer I've been using for mastering, 
for years now, using Win2K, is too old to use with LINUX? You're telling me 
I cant even install the OS on the machine?

That seems hard to believe. My impression was that Linux was much more 
resource-friendly than Windows of any flavor.

In any case, this isn't going to be my "work" machine. I'm buying a new 
computer to put in the studio, I just wanted to learn the software before I 
jumped in and made the switch. And since this computer is a hair's breath 
away from being a doorstop, I figured I'd use it for training wheels.

On a different subject - does the Ubuntu Studio installation allow for a 
dual-boot? Or do you have to use a third-party OS loader and put Win/Linux 
on seperate partitions?

Sorry for the newbie questions.


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