A suggestion and a question

laurent.bellegarde at free.fr laurent.bellegarde at free.fr
Sat Jun 9 07:19:40 BST 2007

Juan Eduardo Castellón a écrit :
> Hi, I have a suggestion to make for the following releases of Ubuntu
> Studio. I'm a graphic designer and the tools that comes with the
> release were chosen very well, but I feel that one of the most
> important areas of modern design is missing: the web development. I
> would suggest you to add some of the common application used for this
> kind of works, like Nvu or another html creator/editor, an ftp upload
> program, etc. Maybe even FlashForLinux and other programs that could
> help create web pages and banners professionally. Also, I really
> missed Sodipodi, wich I use a lot for designing logotypes.
> Secondly, I have a question: wich are the recomended system
> requirements that Ubuntu Studio needs to run video editing software?
> I'm not talking about the optimal requirements for making it run in
> perfect conditions, but to run all the programs without it being too
> slow. I own a Celeron 1.7 processor and use 256 MB od RAM (DDR), but I
> want to upgrade my computer just a little bit, so I can play with
> video editing from time to time (yes, I know my computer got old, but
> I never really needed more power to work). Would 512 of RAM be all
> right?
> Thank you very much and keep up the good work!
Hi Juan,

you can have a lokk to this :


your computer is in the red zone, you can do some small video in 
320x240, be you can't make goog dvd video in 720x576 or divX 640x480 
because you left of ram memory.

At least, try to put 1 Go more.


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