[ubuntu-studio-devel] Pre-Installed Application Review

Hank Stanglow stanglow at yandex.com
Tue May 12 19:45:37 UTC 2020

On 5/12/20 8:45 AM, Len Ovens wrote:
> I would rather answer a few more times why studio doesn't include 
> Calf, that see them continuously recomended as first choice. I see 
> Calf as a "well you can of course install them from the repos but we 
> will not give support if you have trouble with them".
Interesting, I hadn't known about problems in Calf. They were the 
plugins I always used first because they had a good mix of sound, 
simplicity, and style, but now I use LSP and Xhip effects for everything 
because I either need something that is really detailed or really 
simple. However, I do like that Calf Fluidsynth frontend and their 
simple synths so I would definitely install Calf immediately on a new setup.

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