[ubuntu-studio-devel] Checking in, a little vision, Calf & LMMS

Set Sakrecoer public at sakrecoer.com
Thu Jan 3 08:41:45 UTC 2019

On January 3, 2019 3:52:50 AM UTC, Erich Eickmeyer <erich at ericheickmeyer.com> wrote:
>On 1/2/2019 5:21 PM, Set Sakrecoer wrote:
>> Maybe you have reverted to the old logo and I've just missed out, but
>> on this wiki page there only seem to be the "corrrupt" version of the
>> Ubuntu studio CoF FTR, The graphic lead from Xubuntu (the Nick is
>> escaping my memory right now, sorry) corrected the distorted path
>> in those available on the wiki page linked above during 16.04 cycle.
>> It's been really difficult to remove the broken logo, so i'm not
>> blaming anyone. I'll show you the latest versions first thing in the
>> morning tomorrow. 
>Thanks, Set! I'll await the correct version.
>I didn't put that CoF on the Wiki, so chances are it's something left
>over from Kaj's time (for all I know). That said, if you have a better
>version (preferably in .svg) then we need to attach it to that page.
>be more than happy to do that once I have the correct version. :)

Yes, indeed, maybe that would be the last source of the old ones. :) It would could constantly ce back when we had design contests/proposition being submitted and I have never been too sure we're they came from.

The corrected ones are in the "current-standard" branch in ~ubuntustudio-art on launchpad.

Set Sakrecoer

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