[ubuntu-studio-devel] Web design/theme contribution

Shinta Carolinasari shinta at playmain.com
Tue Apr 16 12:52:34 UTC 2019

Hi Eylul,

Thanks for the detailed explanation. Well yes, those restriction sounds 
limiting, as we cannot freely utilize helpful plugins, but yes we 
understand the reason.
So as long as the theme doesn't depend on plugins it should be fine 
then, right. Which means all content management related things need to 
be done in a WordPress standard way (done in dashboard admin, and 
without touching theme source code).

Agree with your idea, we can define & isolate editable area into custom 
fields (or theme customizer) to make it easy & quick to update.

Also, we can utilize custom templates & widgets to handle several 
different layout scenarios,
including providing a blank page template to allow adding own hand-coded 
HTML & CSS when it really necessary.

And the good things, the latest version of WP (ver 5) has built-in block 
editor (Gutenberg).
That will make editing complex layout easier.
(You keep updating Wordpress to the latest version, right?)

 > I hope this is helpful and not too demoralizing. :)
All good, We are still excited 🙂

So we are waiting for the decision, whether it ok to go ahead and continue.

Thank you,

On 4/15/2019 9:54 PM, eylul wrote:
> Hi again!
>> Yes, we are able to build the Wordpress theme/coding side, as well as
>> design side, with supervision and assistance from you/ubuntu studio team.
>> However, what you've mentioned in previous site/theme development
>> workflow sounds limiting.
>> Are we still restricted with the same constraint today?
> As far as I know we any change we make to the theme needs to go through
> IS submission procedure, so the requirement to be ability to change any
> content (and ideally any images that might require changing) without
> touching the theme remains. Making the theme easily editable is not a
> solution unfortunately. Any theme needs to account for the fact that any
> change to the website content/updates will be done via wordpress
> structures. Just to note that, we also didn't have a lot of luck with
> acceptance of plugins that gives access to css overrides or drag and
> drop etc. Probably the best solution is to have custom fields on the
> theme to fill out parts of the front page. (e.g. download link,
> description, 6 software examples). Another approach obviously is to have
> the css and layout inside the front page content, which is more than a
> little hacky.
> Anyhow now you begin to see why we sometimes went with more conservative
> approaches.

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