[ubuntu-studio-devel] Vision for 19.04 and beyond

Erich Eickmeyer erich at ericheickmeyer.com
Sat Oct 13 18:29:39 UTC 2018

Hi Everyone!

Sorry it's been so long since I've written something here. Things have
been busy at work, and even though I am a part-time employee where I
work, sometimes I end up with full-time hours.

Anyhow, I thought I'd address a few things I'm seeing in the ML and
other areas, but I want to first talk about some ideas I've had going
forward for Ubuntu Studio.

== Meetings ==

It was brought to my attention that our bi-weekly IRC meetings were hard
to make, and I have to agree. Saturdays are a time where I need so spend
time with my family, and it's hard do to that when I'm in an IRC meeting
for 90 minutes and then have to head to work that afternoon/evening. It
was recommended we do a bi-weekly check-in via email, and that seemed to
be the most viable option. So, going forward, I will be sending emails
to check-in on how we're doing with our projects.

== Desktop Environments ==

Since we ran into issues that really need a lot more resources than we
have currently, I recommended halting the additional DE iso spins.
Instead, I think we should come at this from a multiple-phased approach.

=== Phase 1 (GOAL: 19.04) ===

Make ubuntustudio-installer the only package people need to install to
bolt-on Ubuntu Studio's tools to their existing Ubuntu (or flavor
thereof) install, thereby enabling people to use Ubuntu Studio inside of
whatever is their favorite DE.

 * Modify ubuntustudio-installer to depend on ubuntustudio-controls
 * Split the lowlatency kernel grub selection settings from
ubuntustudio-default-settings into its own package
(ubuntustudio-lowlatency-kernel) that depends on linux-lowlatency. I've
already done this and will get this synced soon.
 * Add the ubuntustudio-lowlatency-kernel to the ubuntustudio-audio
metapackage, since people who need audio optimization are the only ones
that need the lowlatency package.

=== Phase 2 (GOAL: 19.10) ===

Create metapackages to optionally change the branding of Ubuntu (or
flavor thereof) install to Ubuntu Studio, make that metapackage(s)
available in ubuntustudio-installer. Have those metapackages depend on
the corresponding flavor -desktop package in preparation for phase 3
among other reasons. I already have a proof-of-concept in one of my PPAs
for a default (gnome-based) Ubuntu install.

=== Phase 3 (GOAL: 20.04) ===

Add the DE branding metapackages to the Ubiquity installer plugin so
that, while the default DE is Xfce, people can install any DE they want
at install time. Aside from the Xfce default install, this would require
an active internet connection similar to how updates get optionally
downloaded at install time.

That's what I've got, and I think this is a good way to stop
overthinking the strategy. You'll notice that Phase 1 is more detailed
than Phase 2, which, along with Phase 3, still need details ironed-out.
But, I think if we spread this out, the goals become much more attainable.

I hope this helps clear-up some of the conversation in this ML. Feel
free to respond with thoughts and ideas.


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