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eylul eylul at ubuntustudio.org
Sat May 26 18:51:50 UTC 2018

I do 2D and code-art as most of you know and I have discussed my current
use of KDE before. Not going to go into the general DE discussion as
my knowledge of gnome at this point is almost 2 years out of date.

Just wanted to point out that, the lack of wacom interface is an issue
we have noticed and discussed a couple of years ago, and had some plans
for. Gnome is currently the only actively developed basic gui for wacom
tablet as far as I know. The current solution for other DEs, and
honestly, for any sort of additional customization (e.g. app specific
settings to switch between) is via scripts using xsetwacom (unless
something did get added to gnome on that front.)

xsetwacom is relatively easy to use, but still is commandline at the end
of the day and thus not friendly to non-technical users.

One of the solutions to this especially since we discuss having multiple
DEs is to have a GUI for wacom customization that would be a front to
xsetwacom. Had some early notes on this here:
(which are now out of date). We were actually discussing integrating
such an interface to ubuntustudio settings, on graphics tab. it could
however also be stand-alone app, to make it more modular. I
unfortunately don't have time to work on this, but if anyone is
interested to work on it and think it worthwhile it is a way to go.

There was also another project to bring gnome wacom settings to XFCE but
looking over it seems to be abandoned.



On 05/20/2018 11:43 PM, Aleksander Pusz wrote:
> I'm 3D artist using FOSS software mostly. Currently I'm planning to
> switch completely to Linux and testing KDE and GNOME for production
> workflow. I was considering KDE as it "seems to be more technically
> advanced" (taking less RAM, faster etc.) but unfortunately I've found
> KDE frustrating.
> As modified Ubuntu interface was not an option I decided to go with
> vanilla GNOME to see how it's designed and Ubuntu is my way to go due
> to software availability.
> I feel that GNOME despite of being less customizable is simpler, more
> complete and more user experience oriented, more like ready to use
> product. From my point of view OS is a tool that has to be transparent
> and efficient.
> Here is list of features that are important to me and GNOME just
> supports them correctly:
> - GVsd is working (KDE has no GVsd equivalent)
> - wacom tablet is working and perfectly customizable
> - color management is working (currently KDE supports it too with
> colord-kde package)
> - font management is working (see:
> https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=379524)
> - system keeps my wifi password automatically (no KDE wallet (!) thing
> for simple wifi password)
> - bluetooth mouse is connecting correctly and working after system
> suspend
> - system loads faster despite of taking more RAM
> - GNOME apps is stable
> - GNOME overview window/desktop management is carefully designed and
> extremely user-friendly, especially when I've got to manage lots of
> windows: it offers app favorites, windows and desktops management in
> one, no KDE setting/widget can match it and even new Windows 10 april
> update can't match it (my personal opinion)
> - there are extensive plans to make GNOME more lean and faster (see:
> https://wiki.gnome.org/Hackfests/Performance2018/Agenda)
> - as Phoronix tests show GNOME 3D speed is on par with KDE (see:
> https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=bionic-kde-gnome&num=2)
> - some KDE user related things are impossible to change (see:
> https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=377722 and
> https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=378200)
> Ubuntu modifications I've done
> - switch to vanilla GNOME
> - installed GNOME tweaks
> - set hotkey for full-screen window option to save screen space (see:
> https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=791262)
> - configure mouse to use flat acceleration profile (see:
> https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-control-center/issues/94)
> - installed qt5ct and added custom palette for Fusion QT theme
> - fiddled with tweaks a bit
> Best regs.
> Alex

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