[ubuntu-studio-devel] DE testing: GNOME vs KDE

Aleksander Pusz eneeen at gmail.com
Sun May 20 20:43:40 UTC 2018

I'm 3D artist using FOSS software mostly. Currently I'm planning to 
switch completely to Linux and testing KDE and GNOME for production 
workflow. I was considering KDE as it "seems to be more technically 
advanced" (taking less RAM, faster etc.) but unfortunately I've found 
KDE frustrating.

As modified Ubuntu interface was not an option I decided to go with 
vanilla GNOME to see how it's designed and Ubuntu is my way to go due to 
software availability.

I feel that GNOME despite of being less customizable is simpler, more 
complete and more user experience oriented, more like ready to use 
product. From my point of view OS is a tool that has to be transparent 
and efficient.

Here is list of features that are important to me and GNOME just 
supports them correctly:
- GVsd is working (KDE has no GVsd equivalent)
- wacom tablet is working and perfectly customizable
- color management is working (currently KDE supports it too with 
colord-kde package)
- font management is working (see: 
- system keeps my wifi password automatically (no KDE wallet (!) thing 
for simple wifi password)
- bluetooth mouse is connecting correctly and working after system suspend
- system loads faster despite of taking more RAM
- GNOME apps is stable
- GNOME overview window/desktop management is carefully designed and 
extremely user-friendly, especially when I've got to manage lots of 
windows: it offers app favorites, windows and desktops management in 
one, no KDE setting/widget can match it and even new Windows 10 april 
update can't match it (my personal opinion)
- there are extensive plans to make GNOME more lean and faster (see: 
- as Phoronix tests show GNOME 3D speed is on par with KDE (see: 
- some KDE user related things are impossible to change (see: 
https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=377722 and 

Ubuntu modifications I've done
- switch to vanilla GNOME
- installed GNOME tweaks
- set hotkey for full-screen window option to save screen space (see: 
- configure mouse to use flat acceleration profile (see: 
- installed qt5ct and added custom palette for Fusion QT theme
- fiddled with tweaks a bit

Best regs.

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