[ubuntu-studio-devel] Meeting Notes 2018-05-05

Ross Gammon rosco at ubuntustudio.org
Sun May 6 08:15:32 UTC 2018

Hi Erich,

Through my own incompetence, I missed the IRC meeting yesterday even
though I went to the effort of putting it in my diary, and I was at
home! Anyway, I really appreciate the notes on the mailing list, as I
would probably never get around to searching for the logs on IRC.

On 05/06/2018 05:21 AM, Erich Eickmeyer wrote:

> Mentorships
> 	- With the new leadership, Ubuntu Studio is in need of mentorship & 
> sponsorship
> 	- Erich to reach out to other flavors and Ubuntu members for help

It is a good idea to reach out to the other flavours etc. for help. If
possible, try to keep the same sponsor in Ubuntu. I have had many
different sponsors for my Ubuntu uploads, but each individual sponsor is
unwilling to endorse you if they have only done one or two uploads for
you. On the other hand, you could prepare many many uploads, which is
something I have never had time for when I also have Debian uploads to do.

I can help with mentorship in both Debian and Ubuntu. But my stipulation
is that it must happen on this public list, or on the Debian mentors
list. This is so that others benefit from the learning (including me),
and so that it happens at a pace that I can keep up with (due to time

It would be great to build up a team of people that can do Ubuntu Studio

My plan is still to work towards upload rights in Ubuntu, but I am
struggling for the spare time to reach the "sustained" level of
contribution the Developers Membership Board are looking for.

I can help with sponsorship in Debian.



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