[ubuntu-studio-devel] Meeting Notes 2018-05-05

Erich Eickmeyer ikemonster at gmail.com
Sun May 6 03:21:08 UTC 2018

New Website
	- Eylul found some pictures for use with the new website, will take a 
little more work.
	- SlidingHorn volunteered to work on getting the new theme working.

	- Eylul started an official Mastodon account
	- Erich to still look into it as a platform (still unfamiliar)

Drop 32-bit Support
	- Ubuntu Studio is not targeting "giving new life to old machines" as 
many of its apps require a certain amount of horsepower to begin with.
	- Everyone was in favor of dropping support for 32-bit.
	- Erich to make official request.

New DE talk & research
	- Gnome 3 ruled-out, no menus by default cited as reason, difficult for 
application discovery.
	- DEs being considered:
		- Xfce (current default)
		- Plasma
		- MATE
		- Budgie
		- LXQt
		- Cinnamon (if defaulted, would give Ubuntu Studio a unique DE among 
the official flavors)
	- Community to be surveyed via StrawPoll linked on website blog post
		- Erich to post blog, SlidingHorn to create StrawPoll

	- Eylul's new wallpaper to be included, possibly default.
	- Wallpaper contest being considered for community participation
		- "Show off what you're doing with Ubuntu Studio"

	- With the new leadership, Ubuntu Studio is in need of mentorship & 
	- Erich to reach out to other flavors and Ubuntu members for help

Have a great week everyone! 

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