[ubuntu-studio-devel] Meeting Agenda 2018-08-11 [cancelled]

Jack McCaw jacketed76 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 13 05:48:35 UTC 2018

 new guy here, shyly putting his hand up after having used ubuntu studio
for years, feeling like I should at least try to show some support to the
wonderful folks behind the scenes...

as a user,
I support dropping MyPaint in favour of Krita - I agree that Krita is
actively under development and growing their community. Cross-pollination
of support may occur?

pikopixel - I was unaware of it, it looks dang pretty. Again looks to have
support and growth in its community. Do you want any preliminary testing of
install/issues done? (That is about the extent of my tech contribution at
the moment - I can run up various install on different hardware
combinations to help test how it plays in UbuntuStudio, before going to


On Sun, 12 Aug 2018 at 06:01, Erich Eickmeyer <erich at ericheickmeyer.com>

> Well, the decision was made to cancel this meeting. Since Len and I will
> be
> very busy for the next couple weeks, we decided it would be a good idea to
> cancel and have me do the write-up of our progress.
> === Package Uploads ===
> So, Ross marked ubuntustudio-controls as Fix Committed, and we're waiting
> on a
> sponsor to get that uploaded. I might ping someone in #ubuntu-motu to see
> if
> someone wouldn't mind taking a look at it.
> This brings up the other issue of nobody on the team really being a MOTU
> and
> that being a major barrier. So, I will be working on my Ubuntu membership
> and
> MOTU applications sooner rather than later. For Ubuntu membership, they
> like
> to see at least 6 months of sustained participation, so with me at 4-5,
> that
> might be a factor. I'll work with Simon (tsimonq2) as he's on the
> membership
> board.
> === Audio Handbook ===
> As far as I know, Eylul is still working on the epub and PDF forms of the
> handbook. Eylul: Is there any way we could release the PDF now while you
> work
> on the epub?
> === ubuntustudio-plasma ===
> I'm going to take-on some of this. I need to fix a file in the package, do
> some building for myself, and then see where it leads. In the meantime, it
> has
> become a higher priority due to the GTK developers causing breakage in all
> desktops that are not GNOME without any remorse (see
> https://lists.ubuntu.com/
> archives/ubuntu-desktop/2018-August/005402.html
> <https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-desktop/2018-August/005402.html>).
> This has been a known
> problem for Xubuntu in the past and is a problem for Ubuntu Budgie, but
> Solus
> (upstream developers of Budgie) are aware of the problem and are working
> on a
> fix.
> Unfortunately, this definitely a sign of things to come, and definitely a
> hindrance to Xfce's move to GTK3. It has made our addition of Plasma much
> more
> apt than ever. Right now, if Xfce breaks, Xubuntu breaks. Since Studio is
> so
> fragile right now, if Xubuntu breaks, Studio could very well die. I don't
> want
> to see that happen, and I know neither does anybody in this mailing list.
> With this, Plasma becomes a bit more of a priority. I'll do what I can to
> work
> with Simon on getting it seeded.
> === Website ===
> I have yet to email Eylul the Launchpad GIT upload rundown.
> I have initiated very early talks with Noah Chelliah on moving from
> Canonical's hosting to his hosting at Altispeed. Noah is the president of
> Altispeed and a personal friend of mine. Simon is his operations director,
> so
> we have a couple of ins with that. This would potentially give us much
> more
> control and the ability to move away from the security nightmare that is
> Wordpress.
> === Packaging ===
> Carla is still a work-in-progress as the wine bridges have become a pain.
> Might have to postpone Carla from being included in 18.10, but either way
> it's
> a lower priority.
> Cadence, on the other hand, I feel is ready for upload. I was working with
> Mathieu Trudel (cyphermox) on this, but I have yet to hear back from him.
> My
> reasoning for prioritizing Cadence over Carla is that Cadence includes
> Catia,
> which could replace the dead Patchage package.  Catia can be installed
> separately from Cadence, so we could include it in our seeds
> On the side, I've been working with the Calf developers who have released
> 0.90.1. 0.90.0 was released back in November (major release, up from
> 0.60.5),
> but .1 contains some bug fixes to keep Ardour from crashing. I was working
> with cyphermox on that, but it really needs to go upstream into Debian
> since
> that's where the package is drawn from anyhow.
> I also intend to start further work on ubuntustudio-welcome and
> ubuntustudio-
> boutique.
> === Wallpaper Contest ===
> It's live at https://imgur.com/t/ubustucontest1810.
> === Password Sharing ===
> A solution was found by creating a private git repo for the Ubuntu Studio
> Core
> team.
> == New Items ==
> === PikoPixel ===
> The upstream developer of PikoPixel came to us to see if it could be
> included
> in the Ubuntu Studio seed. After a bit of research and with Eylul's input,
> I
> believe it would be a great addition, but it brought up another topic.
> MyPaint still lags behind developmentally. When Gimp 2.10 hit Cosmic, we
> had
> to drop MyPaint so that our iso builds would... build. This is due to the
> conflict between libmypaint 1.3 (dependency of Gimp) and MyPaint 1.2. I
> propose that we leave MyPaint out since much of its functionality is
> duplicated with Krita, which sees much more active development. This makes
> room for PikoPixel.
> The proposal is this: include PikoPixel, and permanently drop MyPaint from
> the
> iso.
> I'd like to see some feedback, and by the next meeting I'd like to vote on
> this.
> So, that's what I've got. If anybody wants to include anything, feel free
> to
> reply to this thread. Our next meeting is scheduled for August 25th at
> 1900
> UTC in #ubuntustudio-devel.
> Thanks everyone!
> Erich
> On Saturday, August 11, 2018 9:01:46 AM PDT Erich Eickmeyer wrote:
> > Can you believe our next meeting is already today?
> >
> > Anyhow, here's the agenda:
> >
> > === Progress Reports ===
> >
> >  * Ross did a bunch of work to get some of our packages uploaded to
> Cosmic
> >  * ubuntustudio-plasma
> >  * Audio Hadnbook epub & PDF
> >  * Website
> >  * Packaging
> >   * Carla: still in progress
> >   * Cadence: need status from cyphermox
> >   * Calf: need status from cyphermox
> >  * Wallpaper Contest
> >  * Password Sharing
> >   * Private github repo created for core team members for social media
> > passwords, etc.
> >
> > === New Items ===
> >
> >  * Discuss possible inclusion of pikopixel in seed, vote
> >  * Discuss permanently dropping MyPaint in favor of Krita (already
> included,
> > same functionality as MyPaint, better support and development cadence)
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