[ubuntu-studio-devel] Meeting Notes 2018-04-14

erich at ericheickmeyer.com erich at ericheickmeyer.com
Sun Apr 15 03:21:00 UTC 2018

It was a bit of a hurried meeting, but some important things were discussed.


*	Eylul’s new wallpaper was uploaded by Len, not sure if changes were merged in. Perhaps Len can comment on this?

	*	Set, is there anybody besides yourself or Ross that can merge items into the official repos?
	*	Discussed possibly not merging this until 18.10 due to time constraints, and problematic issue of getting FFE this close to release.

*	Discussed hitting 18.10 with a little “shock and awe” factor to get more attention, such as new features (ubuntu-mate-welcome, additional DE selection, new wallpaper, new website, etc)

	*	Submitting info to various linux news outlets, getting the word out, etc.

*	Eylul to continue to promote Ubuntu Studio on Mastadon, discussed creating an official Ubuntu Studio presence. Eylul to spearhead.
*	With Ross’s inability to do the releases, and with Set also being busy, releases are defaulting to Erich.

	*	Erich to enlist the help of Simon Quigley as this is new territory.

*	Package selection issue in Ubiquity is solved.
*	Great write-up by Len about Gnome Shell, see previous post. Continue to explore DE options.
*	Due to lack of mentorship options, discussed getting experienced people from other flavors to help mentor so that new Ubuntu Studio mentors can be create it.
*	In many ways, due to all the new faces, Ubuntu Studio is getting a “reboot” for 18.10. 
*	Discussed the Ubuntu Studio council’s potential members, will outline below.
*	Tabled move from ubuntustudio-installer to fork of ubuntu-mate-welcome for now.

	*	Was told in another chat room that welcome really isn’t allowed, but per Martin Wimpress chiming-in after the end of the meeting, Ubuntu Budgie has already forked it to ubuntu-budgie-welcome. Prescident is set, pretty much a go-ahead.

*	Jeremy Bicha has been advised per LP Bug 1759625 <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1759625>  not to merge GIMP 2.10 as to not break MyPaint. Once MyPaint releases 1.3, we may be able to include GIMP 2.10. Until then, snap is only option for latest version of GIMP once it releases.

	*	Eylul voiced concern about snap limitations (nvidia graphics, etc.). Erich to contact Alan Pope to get further info on snaps and their current limitations.

*	#ubuntu-release channel has been informed that Ubuntu Studio will not be LTS for 18.04 due to manpower limitations.

	*	Again, discussed analogy of “rebooting” distro to shake-off the stagnation, get attention, and therefore get more eyes and involvement.

*	Discussed launching new website after launch of 18.04 as close as possible to the opening of 18.10 repos. Thomas and “Slidinghorn” volunteered to help Eylul.

	*	Admins of website team are Len and Set, need to add more.

*	Eylul to send Erich email describing meeting bot.



With that, it has been about 2 months since Ross proposed the Ubuntu Studio Council. With that, we would like to present the following as recommendations. This list must be approved by Set Hallström as project lead.


*	Erich Eickmeyer (ErichEickmeyer) – (I have been acting as chair, if there aren’t any objections I’m okay with that)
*	Eylul
*	Thomas Pfundt (captain-tux)
*	Len Ovens (OvenWerks)
*	Krytarik



That’s it for this week!




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