[ubuntu-studio-devel] US still alive !

Thomas Pfundt captain-tux at protonmail.ch
Mon Apr 2 19:16:58 UTC 2018

On April 2, 2018 1:15 PM, Set Hallstrom <set at ubuntustudio.org> wrote: 
> if you feel you want to set-up a meeting you should feel 
> free to go ahead and do so by inviting everyone to attend on a given 
> date in a given chat room. :) 
I have no problem with setting up a meeting, but I don't really feel qualified enough to curate it. I suppose it would be beneficial to have someone with a clear vision on where to pick things up, in a sense. 
Thanks for the heads-up regarding the IRC channel. I'll see to be active there from now on as well. I'm missing the Libreboot IRC, anyway. 

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