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Erich Eickmeyer erich at ericheickmeyer.com
Mon Apr 2 19:11:25 UTC 2018

Hi Thomas,

> On Apr 2, 2018, at 10:08 AM, Thomas Pfundt <captain-tux at protonmail.ch> wrote:
> On April 2, 2018 4:33 PM, Erich Eickmeyer <erich at ericheickmeyer.com> wrote:
>> FalkTX has just released Cadence v0.9.0, having finished porting it to Qt5.
>> This would definitely be another reason we should consider moving from
>> QJackCtl to Cadence, along with the extra tools Cadence includes.
> Without using as much of a harsh tone as Ralf, I'd also not really be in favour of that, personally. I've used Cadence as well for its one-click-connection functionaliy when I first started using Ubuntu Studio, but have retired it shortly after, because I felt that the configuration and setup options wouldn't allow me to adjust it the way I needed to. This may have changed now, I haven't used it in quite a long time.

I appreciate this. I’m much more open to reasonable discourse as opposed to hurling insults. And, yes, Cadence is just as configurable ad QJackCtl these days.

> However, I don't really see that there's any particular advantage in basic functionality over QJackCtl. You can basically just pactl load-module module-jack-source / module-jack-sink for Pulseaudio connections and add any other external audio devices with alsa_in / alsa_out -d hw:X, as needed. I'd even say that the QJackCtl Patchbay thingy to connect everything is extremely persistent and just runs automatically once a specific setup is saved and and activated. No need for tons of programs for a basic setup, maybe there's just a lack of guidance in documentation regarding different setups? But Cadence may do that as well now and I just haven't seen it, yet.

The advantage is that Cadence does the “pactl load-module…” command for you, which would be much more appealing to newcomers, especially those converting from Mac or Windows. And yes, the QJackCtl is very persistent, and has that advantage over Cadence. However, FalkTX is making strides with the Claudia module for full session management, which definitely keeps connections persistent and launches the apps for you. It does need some work, IMO, since it relies heavily on LADISH and, in my experience, LADISH doesn’t handle multiple Jack processes from the same app very well if at all when it comes to using the graphical patchbay.

My workflow involves launching Cadence to launch Jack and the PulseAudio bridge, which then allows me to run Spotify through PulseAudio patched to outputs 1 & 2 in my 32-channel audio interface, then run Ardour to handle everything else via templates I’ve made. But, that’s how I do things, your mileage may vary. :)

> After all, can't hurt to offer it as well for those that would like to use it. I guess I'd even take another look at it, if I would't have to add the full Kxstudio repositories, first. But then again, there's the issue of getting it into the official repository to begin with.

My goal is to at least get it included in the repos. It’s pretty obvious that it won’t happen for the 18.04 cycle, but I don’t see any reason why it can’t be done for 18.10. That said, I am also very open to keeping QJackCtl. My vision involves making things (to quote the KDE team) “Simple by default, powerful when needed.”

That said, reading your thoughts was a breath of fresh air. I love reading stuff like this and keeping open discussion.

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