[ubuntu-studio-devel] Our website

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Tue May 30 19:12:07 UTC 2017

I had this conversation on IRC. Anyone know if this is a problem? My web 
understanding is old.

06:11 < mchelen> any reason why ubuntustudio.org doesn't default to HTTPS?
07:56 < OvenWerks> mchelen: no idea.
09:15 < mchelen> OvenWerks: it's not great security practice, given that 
there are links to .iso downloads (which are also HTTP)
09:50 < OvenWerks> mchelen: that may be true, however, web page setup is 
not my thing. I am not sure who is doing web stuff right now.
09:59 < mchelen> OvenWerks: ok, yeah I wasn't sure where to create an 
issue or anything
09:59 < OvenWerks> mchelen: do you know if xubuntu's site is any 
different? I think the same person worked on both
10:01 < mchelen> OvenWerks: visiting http://xubuntu.org correctly 
redirects to https
10:04 < OvenWerks> mchelen: I will drop this coversation on the dev 
mailing list and see what comes from it.
10:36 < mchelen> OvenWerks: ok thanks! hopefully its just a matter of 
creating a redirect
My understanding, is that https is useful when personal info is shared 
over the net. ubuntustudio.org is, so far as I can tell, one way. That is, 
we provide info/files and the user DL them, they do not sign in or give 
comments or anything. Am I missing something?

Len Ovens

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