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eylul eylul at ubuntustudio.org
Sat May 20 00:55:45 UTC 2017

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> In thinking about auto mounting of media I realize that we probably
> don't need it. Automounted or not, the devices icon shows up in the
> file browser anyway... so what does automount gain besides opening a
> new window in the middle of things? Does it improve a workflow?
For example, I put a harddrive in, open the imaging or photography
software and can pull the file, without having to do the extra steps of
opening the file manager, going to the folder, closing the file manager
waiting for the device to mount switching back to the software, it mounts
while I load the software. Smoother experience. (e.g. when editing I 
usually browse through art directly in darktable, as it gives better options
for tagging, filtering, previewing etc. I only use file manager to import 
the files that are not there - some Darktable users don't even do that 
and use the folder import). Similar workflows exist for some project 
based software too.

out of curiosity through, is there a way to automount without starting a window
regardless, because it is a bit annoying.  

anyway tldr I don't think we can go terribly wrong with either choice here.
Just a question of which one is better in an imperfect world.  :) 


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