[ubuntu-studio-devel] Where to start?

Ross Gammon rosco at ubuntustudio.org
Mon May 15 15:16:45 UTC 2017

On 05/14/2017 04:15 PM, Set Hallstrom wrote:

> I'm sorry for that, among other
> things.

Thanks - but no need to apologise - we are all volunteers, go missing
sometimes, and we can't expect others to be perfect! :-)

> I have very limited amount of time, but i suppose we'd need to talk
> technicalities with permissions in launchpad and such as soon as
> possible. Can we meet-up on IRC on the 21st of May? Not sure what time
> would be the best, but I will follow up on this thread.

As the 21st is a Sunday, I am more flexible. European afternoon/evening
also best for me, although there is probably something I am supposed to
be doing that I have forgotten :-) If whoever has the tightest schedule
sets a time, I will try and be there.

Just in case, I will post some thoughts here for people to digest before
I think it has been said before, but I think we should move to something
like the Xubuntu Council:
This could be achieved by adding the current (semi?)active members to
the core team on launchpad (volunteer basis). Then there is always a
group of people with the keys to run things in Launchpad if required
(when the responsible person is too busy). The terms should be set to
expire (can be done in launchpad I believe - make sure the admin role is
not about to expire) on an overlapping basis (ie. not all at once) with
the possibility of re-election. We could rotate a
leader/chair/contact-point from the core team every release (or year, or
LTS), unless someone violently objects to letting go, and hold elections
to encourage fresh input when core team membership terms expire.

In any case, we should probably put out an email on users list, and blog
on the website, asking for volunteers to step forward for roles in the
team (including those already filled) for this release.

Note: I have started on some blueprints for this release, but only done
mine so far, and intend to work on Len's suggestions (a longer list)
this week.

For reference, here are the milestones this release:


                Artful Release


                    May 25th FeatureDefinitionFreeze


                    June 29th Alpha 1 (for opt-in flavors)


                    July 27th Alpha 2 (for opt-in flavors)


                    August 24th FeatureFreeze, Debian Import Freeze


                    August 31st Beta 1 Freeze (for opt-in flavors;
                    Monday), Beta 1 (for opt-in flavors)


                    September 14th UserInterfaceFreeze


                    September 21st DocumentationStringFreeze


                    September 28th Final Beta Freeze (Monday), Final Beta


                    October 5th KernelFreeze,


                    October 12th FinalFreeze, ReleaseCandidate,


                    October 19th FinalRelease, Ubuntu 17.10

The dates will probably change here or there, so check on




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