[ubuntu-studio-devel] Ubuntu Studio Artful - Debian & Feature Freeze

eylul eylul at ubuntustudio.org
Tue Aug 29 09:51:08 UTC 2017

Congrats with being a debian developer!!! :)

Did we opt-in to beta 1, and do we have a list of what needs testing
beyond the usual this round?

Qjackctl is one,

the controls is another one.

Anything else we need to keep an eye out for when testing?

I am unfortunately probably still semi quiet until early September, but
after that I will be around for testing, release notes etc (and I didn't
forget the wallpapers).



On 08/25/2017 06:57 PM, Ross Gammon wrote:
> Hi All,
> Just a quick note that yesterday we passed the Feature Freeze and Debian
> Import Freeze deadline, and we are fast approaching the 1st Beta (August
> 31st):
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArtfulAardvark/ReleaseSchedule
> This means if we need any updated packages from Debian, or we want to
> upload any new feature, we need a Freeze exception.
> Unfortunately, the only Ubuntu work I have managed in the last few days,
> is to merge the latest Qjackctl from Debian.
> On other new, I am now a Debian Developer, so I can be more useful
> helping with our packages there.
> Regards,
> Ross

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