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Fri Sep 9 10:45:16 UTC 2016


First of, thanks to everyone who's been involved with this! It looks 
promissing so far and i remain optimistic that we will be able to have it 
ready before 16.10 release!

tisdagen den 16:e augusti 2016 kl. 22:29:51 CEST, eylul 
<eylul at ubuntustudio.org> skrev:
> Hi!
> So, the bulk of the website is done, and it would be great to deploy it 
> before we have to focus on the release. This gives us until the end of 
> September or so.

Good, i thought i was overdue that date. This sounds realistic :)

> Below is an overview of what needs done. Feel free to add to this.
> * We need the links/licenses on stock images used in creation of the 
> background images, before we can put the site up. Even if these are 
> CC-0, it is best to have that information stored somewhere. If they are 
> other forms of creative commons, depending on the license we might need 
> to credit them.

Yes this is very important! For the record, Geirdal seems too busy, but we 
have backup material :)

> The keyboard photo belongs to Set. Geirdal could you give us links to 
> the rest of stock photos you used, so that we have a record of that 
> information?
> A good portion of the content of the website has either been 
> substantially edited, or written from scratch. Here is a list of all 
> static pages, with some notes where extra scrutiny is especially needed.
> Could we commit to finish this review by end of August?

ah... well seems not, lol!

> 0) General:
> * is the footer correct?

looks good, though, i would suggest leaving creds to knome for the theme as 
is, but link to a textfile containing credits for the rest of the material 
instead of potentially having a miles long footer-text with zillions of 

> * is the menu correct?
> * are we missing any critical pages or content before putting up the site?

I would say a FAQ..(could be contained in Support maybe?) but i'm not too 
sure about what the FAQs are, except for the security disclaimer we 
discussed earlier this summer and perhaps some reccurent PAVU with JACK 
questions, the 'can i use US to create commercial work' etc... we could 
probably fill it up along peu à peu..

> 1) Front page: http://www.ubuntustudio.zequence.net/
> * is "downloads" link working?
> * are social media accounts correct?

looks correct to me. on desktop, the gap between the first container and 
the feature tour is quite big and i fear the FT might go unnoticed. Could 
we either make the gap smaller or have a button in the first container or 
in the menu with an anchor link that 'scrolls' down to the FT?

> * feature tour and general information had a few eyes on it already, but 
> it wouldn't hurt to review.
> 2) Downloads: http://www.ubuntustudio.zequence.net/downloads/
> * are links working? (especially the ones to 16.04).

looks ok, but i would like to try again on a desktop (reviewing from my 
phone can't test magnet links)

> * the text is copy pasted and reformatted from the current site, but it 
> can use a quick review.
> 3) Support: http://www.ubuntustudio.zequence.net/support/

You guys made a great job here, eylul and krytarik \o/ its friendly and 
professional. i would like to add links to scribus wiki and inkscape forum. 
I'll provide you that next week unless you get there before ;)

>      Contribute: http://www.ubuntustudio.zequence.net/contribute/

Same as support, my 8 thumbs up for the text! i hear the ubuntu facebook 
group is helpfull, perhaps put a link to that for those affraid of IRC? ( 
yes, that came from me :D )

> * double checking of outside links, especially making sure webchat and 
> mailing list links work.
> * these two went through some reviewing already but there are also new 
> content. Thus, it wouldn't hurt to check.

&=(^^,)<--- me with one of my thumbs up, the other 7 don't fit in the 

> 4) Merchandise: http://www.ubuntustudio.zequence.net/merchandise/
> * is the "legal" section information correct?
> * any other missing/incorrect information?

looks good to me, perhaps ttoine can chip in here? i'll poke him if he 
doesn't see this mail. :)

> * From what I understand, we do need to have the Live Compositor plugin 
> and the child theme uploaded to the main site, before we can move the 
> content.

i think i need to file a RT ticket for that, will take care of it next 
week... shouldn't be a problem (fingers crossed, touching wood)

> Thanks :)
> Best,
> eylul

Thank you for your drive with this eylul, it looks very promissing!! \o/

Set Hallström
Sent from my Ubuntu pocket computer

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