[ubuntu-studio-devel] package proposals - publishing

autumna autumna at gmail.com
Fri May 6 11:00:58 UTC 2016

On 05/06/2016 01:37 PM, Set Hallstrom wrote:
> Hi,
> On 2016-05-05 22:39, autumna wrote:
>> I added 2 more software packages to the wiki page under "graphics" for
>> the publishing related workflows.
>> (add) calibre: Calibre is a book managing software, but it also happens
>> to have a well designed epub editor. To my knowledge there currently
>> isn't any software available on ubuntu studio to make or edit ebooks.
> I like that. I have poor experience with it tbh, tried it when my 
> step-mom got an electronic bookreader, but it wasn't recognized so i 
> ended up removing it. I saw you could convert formats, but i didn't 
> know it had publication capabilities. I thought it was a sort of 
> shotwell for managing e-books files. There seems to be quite a jungle 
> of formats and devices out there... I've been hoping scribus will 
> implement epub export and i know they are working on it, but it seems 
> to be taking quite sometime
Overwhelmingly complicated book manager yes, but in terms of epub editor 
it is pretty solid, from what I have seen. Scribus has some plugins 
although I don't know how well they are. Regardless, scribus in the end 
is a design tool optimized for printing based on my experiences, rather 
than digital documents.  So there is some value to have a dedicated tool 
that is optimized for ebooks. One that is not requiring you to specify 
content one page at a time in a pixel perfect manner, and rather 
arranges it one chapter at a time, with styling that is flexible.
>> (add) pdf-shuffler: There is currently no way to rearrange an existing
>> pdf, or merge two pdfs without importing the whole thing into
>> libreoffice or graphics software which can mess up formatting. Useful
>> when you are asked to glue the application form and your portfolio into
>> one file.
> That is also a good idea. Never thought of that scenario, but i guess 
> it makes a lot of sense.

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