[ubuntu-studio-devel] Call for Application Testing - Ubuntu Studio Yakkety Yak 1610

Ross Gammon ubuntu at the-gammons.net
Mon May 2 18:20:07 UTC 2016

Hi All,

Now that 1604 has been released, it is time to start testing 1610!

The package testing tracker is now set up for Yakkety here, with Test
Cases for some of our packages:


If you have been wondering how you could help Ubuntu Studio out by
spending only a little bit of time every now and then, then look no
further! Pick a test case from the tracker when you have the time, run
the test, and upload your result (pass or fail). If the test fails,
please submit a bug in Launchpad (after checking if it has not already
been reported), and then list it with your result on the tracker. If it
passes, then please also note the version of the software (in the
Comments field) when you tested it. This will make it easier to work out
when it last worked if it begins to fail later.

It is probably best to install the development release of Ubuntu Studio
to do the testing:


You could probably also install it in a Virtual Machine, or from the
Live DVD for some applications, but a bare metal installation will be
best for audio & video applications, and also pick up hardware related

If the test case for one of our packages is missing, or needs
improvement, please report a bug against the ubuntu-manual-tests package:
If you provide a list of the required steps for the test in the bug,
this will help to encourage someone to fix it faster :-)

Feel free to ask questions here if you need to, or find one of us on IRC.



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