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> On Wed, Jun 29, 2016 at 4:51 PM, Jóhann Örn Geirdal
> <johann.orn.geirdal at gmail.com wrote:
> Here I have proposal to new icons in studio default apps. Have in
> mynd that some Logos are better designed than others for each app.
> http://geirdal.is/index.php/studio-0

I'm afraid I do not see this working at all Jóhann: scale the icons down
to 24px and they become unreadable. Also the style is way to organic and
personal. We need something _very_ functional and very neutral. I think
we should find something existing to work from if we want to pull this
off. Something we could easily convert into monochrome. Making good
pictograms that work in small and large scale is a very tedious,
complicated and fine task.

I agree the icons will (at least on this screen) become blurry when scaled down. However I like the look and the flat design. Why should one look at existing icons instead of doing them from scratch if someone is willing to put in the time? Existing work will also be personal to the one who created that specific set of icons. At least this way they will be "Ubuntu Studio" specific ones.

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