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Set Hallstrom set at ubuntustudio.org
Fri Jun 10 21:58:45 UTC 2016

Hi list,

We need to set-up the feature-tour for the website.

If you want to contribute to this, please take a moment to read the
section "Site map and Content Draft" on this link:
What we need now is to execute this draft.

For the major part of the site all we need is text, since the theme
knome made for us is perfect for that.

The front page however will also act as a feature tour, and to make it
as appealing as we can we need graphic material: The feature tour should
highlight our 3 workflows: Audio, Video, Graphics.

Here is a _draft_ of what i'm thinking of:
Each workflow should have its section on the page and make use of its
respective color:
It should have a background image. By "background image" i mean
something that illustrates the workflow, while it lets the text-content
be easily readable. We will also need a few screenshots from the apps.
It would be nice find a style for the screenshots and the typography
that matches the Ubuntu Corporate identity while being a little bit
less... well corporate, or more "creative humans". There has been
discussion about creating a video-feature, or "commercial" for the
feature tour and to share on different networks.

Currently Autumna is writing the text for the support page, and I
understand Geirdal is willing to do the background images. I'm writing
the feature-tour text.

What we need is this:
- A format for the social-network links that will be displayed on every
page. (icons-set? banner?)
- A format for the Discover page (I'm hoping autumna can jump in here to
explain how that works)
- Overhaul of the "contribute" page.
- Scenario for the Feature-Video and voice-over manuscript.

Please, feel invited to pick one or several of these tasks.
This topic being kind of broad and intricate, let's try to keep the
discussion on the mailing list as much as possible. :)

Looking forward to read you,

Set Hallstrom aka sakrecoer

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