[ubuntu-studio-devel] Feature tour (was: Seventh try )

Kaj Ailomaa zequence at mousike.me
Fri Jul 29 15:52:35 UTC 2016

On Thu, Jul 28, 2016, at 02:33 PM, Set Hallstrom wrote:
> On 2016-06-23 02:00, Jóhann Örn Geirdal wrote:
> > Seventh try ;)  Hi here is only a base I will ad to it some more but
> > what do you think about this?
> > http://geirdal.is/index.php/studio-0
> I made a few shots that could work well as complementary pictures to the
> more abstracto-figurative pictures Geirdal made for the categories.
> I realize they might not be perfect, but maybe you like the idea?
> I tried to make one for each category, but i think they all end up
> having a lot of "audio focus" maybe it is a good thing? You tell me. One
> sure thing is that the "graphic workflow" one, needs a different
> on-screen content :D (too "cute, wtf, kindergarten")
> http://sakrecoer.com/ubuntustudio/featuretour__1.jpg
> http://sakrecoer.com/ubuntustudio/featuretour__2.jpg
> http://sakrecoer.com/ubuntustudio/featuretour__3.jpg
> The more i look at Geirdal pictures, the better i like these:
> http://geirdal.is/images/studio/audio_x.png
> http://geirdal.is/images/studio/graphic_03.png
> http://geirdal.is/images/studio/video_x.png
> If they are used without the pictograms, like they were intended: as
> backgrounds for text and screenshots, i think they are perfect! They
> refer to analogue times with very contemporary elements. I think it
> emulates what we are quite well: /linux for creative humans/ a digital
> product made by analogue robots ;) And they are quiet and noisy at the
> same time, which i find to be a really poetic contrast.
> I think this one is really beautyfull but it should be used without the
> logos for the general "about" text in the feature tour (:
> http://geirdal.is/images/studio/studio_07.png
> It is risky, but i also find it very cool, fresh and inspiring. 90's
> fractal with a millennial twist! This afternoon i will try put together
> what i mean in a collage.
> I'm convinced that, properly framed on the page, using geirdals pictures
> could make the sexiest feature tour, ever :)
> Yours,
> -- 
> Set Hallstrom aka sakrecoer

The only thing I would like to remind of is of the "big picgture", which
should be about information. It's easy to become a bit obsessed about
the details of a design, but the importance is still around what the
whole thing informs.

And, what is the information? That is the question that needs to be
answered - not only with graphics, but with  the whole thing.

The current feature tour is old, and should be buried. It should be
replaced by something that does the same thing, but better. Better
information. Better graphics, but most importantly - better information.

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