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C de-Avillez hggdh2 at ubuntu.com
Thu Jul 14 20:52:36 UTC 2016

On Thu, 14 Jul 2016 10:23:39 +0200
Set Hallstrom <set at ubuntustudio.org> wrote:

> Hi all,
> First of all: i am very sorry things went so sour in that discussion.
> I feel i owe everyone an apology: I apologize for letting my own
> feelings take the lead. Kaj, Jimmy and the group as a hole.
> Who wants to work with a grumpy extremist with static ways? Not me.
> Many of the blames i formulated were probably aimed at myself: i
> understand this project is not the place to push my freesoftware
> philosophy agenda in 7 steps, to Set us free, hackers, to Set us
> free. I understand i need to leave discussions open for solutions in
> an inclusive way for the benefit of the team and the users, over the
> benefit of my personal integrity. I realize i tend to be triggered by
> the idea of using mainstream media, and i will work on that. While i
> admit still being in the midst of a thought process, for now i can say
> this: i do understand it is up to the community in its entirety; users
> and devels a-like to decide how, when, why and what tools we use. Not
> up to my personal beliefs to determine what is appropriate or not for
> our project. This is our project, not mine.
> I understand i came across as an extremist/purist/grumpycat, but i
> assure you i am not. I am just a pingnu perfectly comfortable with the
> compromises Ubuntu does in order to enable the community to welcome
> users of all levels of computer literacy. If i wasn't comfortable with
> this, i wouldn't be here to begin with. TBH with you and myself, i'm
> still working on understanding what made me allow myself to be
> stubborn and exclusive, and while at the moment i might not be in the
> brightest most secure position in my life away from keyboard, i will
> work hard to address it and to make sure i do not get the community
> mixed up with my moods again.
> I reached out fairly soon the to community council to ask for help but
> they haven't responded yet. In all sincerity, i'm glad they didn't get
> back ASAP, because it let me marinate in my mess for a moment giving
> me time to get back down and reflect upon my own behavior. But i look
> forward to develop contact with them because i think they have
> experiences, tools and ideas we may benefit from. I do not plan to
> bail on you, unless that would be the desire/best-interest of the
> group and i hope you will give me the chance to show you that i can
> learn from my mistakes.

It usually takes some time for us (the CC) to digest an issue. Most of
the times, barging in without a clear understanding of the issues ends
up worse...

We were made aware of it by you, and we do thank you for that. Your
current email is a marvelous step in the right direction (conflict
resolution). We, the CC, will happily help with anything we can do.

But  this is the preferred way for conflicts to be addressed. This
means, as far as I can personally see, that we are already on a path to
recovery. I do hope the other party will be willing to reconsider his
position, or at least be willing to talk with us.

> Hopefully, from here we will be able to move forward to release yet
> another great version of Ubuntu Studio in happy collaboration, without
> leaving any mess under the rugg...

It would be nice for someone to contact the other party, as well.


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