[ubuntu-studio-devel] Apologies

Set Hallstrom set at ubuntustudio.org
Fri Jul 15 08:01:09 UTC 2016

Thanks for getting back to us and for offering your time and ressources to 
help us! I'm currently in a family reunion and can only surface 
sporadically. I will be back 100% next Wednesday.

torsdagen den 14:e juli 2016 kl. 22:52:36 CEST, C de-Avillez 
<hggdh2 at ubuntu.com> skrev:

> It would be nice for someone to contact the other party, as well.
> Cheers,
> ..C..

Prior to adressing the list, i reached out privately to Jimmy and Kaj. In 
all honesty, they were both very short mails. I didn't see any reason to 
develop any argumentation or justifications as to why i adressed them like 
i did, and opted for simply stateing the facts: that i am sorry and what i 
am sorry for. I regret making Jimmy feel rejected and for using provocative 
phrasing and added that i in fact do value his feedback when he finds the 
time for it. With Kaj i regret my wording onlist and in private and added 
that i do not see him like the bad person i painted him as, in the midst of 
my anger.

Kaj responded quickly and humbly, Jimmy is taking his time but i think it 
is fair enough.


Set Hallström
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