[ubuntu-studio-devel] Ubuntu Studio policy - Was: Would Ubuntu Studio Team be Interested in Partnering with New England Conservatory?

Set Hallstrom public at sakrecoer.com
Sun Jul 10 11:14:30 UTC 2016

On 2016-07-10 12:42, Kaj Ailomaa wrote:

> So, let me say this one last thing about the discussion whether we
> should or should not use Google Hangouts.

This has _nothing_ to do with google hangouts. This is about an inactive
member, spreading confusion to a 3rd part, insulting a fellow
team-member for the 3rd and last time, and as you can read bellow, using
team resources to push a freelance IT-consultation agenda for free as in

On 2016-07-10 12:39, Jimmy Sjölund wrote:

> The plan was to offer an opportunity for the OP to talk with someone with:
> * 22 years experience of digital audio in corporate and educational
> environments
> * 16 years experience of Linux and open source environments
> * 10 years experience of Ubuntu Studio
> * 5 years experience of open source community work
> * large scale implementation projects rolling out open source environments
> * small and large scale implementation projects of replacing Windows
> with open source alternatives
> From there, figure out what their goals were, what problems to solve,
> the current environment and alternate solutions. This is what I do for a
> living and have been doing since the 90s so I figured I might have some
> insights to share, for free. The solution wouldn't necessarily be Ubuntu
> Studio, without knowing what the needs are it's too early to propose
> solutions. All issues are not connected to Canonical, Ubuntu or even
> open source.
> I won't bother commenting on other parts in earlier emails. I recommend
> reading Jono Bacon's book "The Art of Community" and Jim Whitehurst's
> "The Open Organization".
> I will now unsubscribe from the mailing list as well and keep out of any
> further discussions.
> /Jimmy

Thank you for your suggestion and for revealing your intentions
publicly. I knew you wouldn't just drop your subscription before making
sure you had succeeder in generating a little drama, so i can only blame
myself: i really should have just ignored you, since as far as i can
remember, you tend to "hit and run" the team as you eloquently put
yourself, whenever there is controversy or polemic around. Yes, you've
made this into a personal issue, i am sorry about it, but i am human
too, with all the weakness that implies.

Peace yo!

Set Sakrecoer

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