[ubuntu-studio-devel] New to Ubuntu Studio!

Daniel M Gessel daniel at syntheticblue.com
Mon Jan 25 03:21:11 UTC 2016


I’m Dan (last name Gessel, since there are so many Dans around), new to Ubuntu (minus some flirtations a few years back) and Ubuntu Studio. Most of my career has been in graphics driver development at ATI/AMD, but I’ve taken some time off and am working to bring my skills up to date as a graphics application programmer and, it looks like, Ubuntu user (it’s amazing how you can implement a graphics API yet never actually use it…).

I’m literally just getting things installed - 15.10 desktop, 15.10 Studio, and I’m thinking I’ll add in a daily build, since I have one OS partition left. Not sure if I need 15.10 Desktop if I have Studio, though I notice the interfaces are different (different WM?). These are things I have to sort out.

I’ve got my own projects which take up as much time as I can give them, but I’d like to contribute in any way I can.

Other than lurk this list for a while, is there any other place to go to find out what I can do?

I’ve already seen the request for desktop wallpaper submissions - once I bring up my main programming project on linux (currently Mac OS - used cocoa, so I have porting to do) and have some images rendered, I’ll submit.

Thanks - I hope to contribute to this cool project!


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