[ubuntu-studio-devel] if you post tutorials on everything

ty armour aarmour at cipmail.org
Fri Jan 22 22:10:47 UTC 2016

that  would be the way because then people could update the software and
hardware as they see fit and provide useful feedback to you about how
everything works.

you could also build wireless mixing consoles that are compatable with
mixxx. that could be an interesting bit of hardware to build.

but again people like things to be DIY and people love things that are free.

if you are a full recording studio, you may consider writing software for
video editing and production. you may consider writing lots and lots of
effects for videos and you may consider posting tutorials on how to write

and microphone DSP too. thats an important bit of software to write like
autotune and effects for microphones. thats important in a recording studio.

that way ubuntu studio is a really complete recording studio.
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