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Jimmy Sjölund jimmy at sjolund.se
Sat Jan 9 21:53:18 UTC 2016

On Wed, Dec 16, 2015 at 11:08 AM, set <public at sakrecoer.com> wrote:

> On 2015-12-16 10:33, Jimmy Sjölund wrote:
> > I created a template to use in Kdenlive once upon a time, with the intro
> > and outro slides with the setup that me and Zak worked with when we
> > started out the idea years ago. Might need a fresh up. I'll check it out
> > when I get back to my old trusted Ubuntu Studio laptop.
> >
> > /Jimmy
> WOW!!! That is a great solution!! Would be very nice to have such thing!!
> :)
Well, I found the templates. However, I made a first set and then Zak
(madeinkobaia) made another one and was going to tweak it some more before
we would use it. But as we were then also discussing using different
colours for different workflows that was higher priority. Then it kind of
slipped away. The first example for a template I got from Zak I had issues
opening in Gimp as we were then using different versions. Now I got a newer
version but it requires a special OTF font and it keep crashing my Gimp
when installed (apparently a known bug in the version we use for 14.04).

Anyways, my conclusion is that we have no official templates available.

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