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Set is this still a thing?  Perhaps we can combine resources for the 
wallpaper contest?

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> Hi List,
> I'm in the midst of producing a showcase for Ubuntu-Studio users
> production to be published in a series of posts on ubuntustudio.org and
> its social-media satellites. The idea is to let the public know what can
> be accomplished with Ubuntu-Studio by showing, rather than telling.
> Therefor the series will be focusing on_productions_  made using
> Ubuntu-studio and the_creative human behind the productions_.
> The term production here is very broad; it can be anything from poems,
> to prints, websites, via video, music and coding.
> I would like to interview as many of you as possible, but depending on
> the volume of response, i might not have the time to feature you all and
> will work in the chronological order i receive the emails. However,
> production that is Not Safe For Work will be disregarded. The interviews
> will be done by email, and will consist of 3 to 4 questions about You
> and your production.
> If you are interested in participating, please address me on
> public at sakrecoer.com  and make sure you include links to your work in the
> email.
> *Do not send me attached files by email*.
> Looking forward to see-, hear-, feel your work and to talk to you,
> -- Set Sakrecoer

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