[ubuntu-studio-devel] ART TEAM ALERT! 16.04 Wallpaper Contest has been decided.

Kaj Ailomaa zequence at mousike.me
Tue Feb 16 13:56:25 UTC 2016

On Tue, Feb 16, 2016, at 01:49 PM, C. F. Howlett wrote:
> *** READ ME ****
> 16.04 Wallpaper Contest Winners
> This is the completed list of 16.04 Wallpapers as per the public vote
> conducted 02/11/16 - 02/15/16.  Final outcome is documented at the
> Condorcet voting link.
> NOTE 1: Adam Tuba had two winning entries; Wallpaper1 and Wallpaper1B. 
> These entries are virtually identical and are distinguishable by their
> creation process rather than final product.  Rather than having
> identical pieces in the collection, I have eliminated the less popular
> Wallpaper1B.  This bumped the number 17 entry to number 16, thus
> KBambardekar_BeetleBrot joins the winning entries.
> NOTE 2:
> *** Naming Convention Explained ***
> Some wallpapers were re-labeled to distinguish them from similarly named
> pieces or to give a more meaningful name.  In all cases, wallpaper names
> reflect the following naming convention:
> Ubuntu Studio release number image is initially published to, e.g. 16.04  
> Image Name by Artist or Packager, e.g. Moonrise Hernandez New Mexico     
> Artist Name, e.g. Ansel Adams    
> Example: 1604_MoonriseHernandezNM_AnselAdams.png
> *** 16.04 Wallpapers ***
> 1604_BeetleBrot_KapilBambardekar.jpg        kapil.bambardekar at gmail.com
> 1604_CosmicStudio_JoseMELopez.jpg            pikilinux at gmail.com
> 1604_DJUS_AkrionSarash.jpg                         
> akrionsarash at gmail.com
> 1604_DockWinter_JanuszGolab.png                astranova at astranova.pl
> 1604_Hotwheel_LiuLiHua.png                           
> lihualiu at ubuntukylin.com
> 1604_LifeInSlowMotion_PushkarDeshpande.jpg    pushkarnexus at gmail.com
> 1604_PlainWood_PushkarDeshpande.jpg        pushkarnexus at gmail.com
> 1604_SimpleUS_AdamTuba.png    EDITED: label    adam.tuba at gmail.com
> 1604_SoundOfLight_PushkarDeshpande.png        pushkarnexus at gmail.com
> 1604_USCarbon1_KajAilomaa.png    EDITED: label      zequence at mousike.me

I believe USCarbon1 is the one with logo. Please remove this one from
the selection - explained more further down.

> 1604_USCarbon2_KajAilomaa.png            zequence at mousike.me
> 1604_USCarbon_CoryKontros.png    EDITED: label      coryisatm at nc.rr.com   
> 1604_USLego_GoceMitevski.png            goce.mitevski at nicer2.com
> 1604_USLogo_HenkVanDenToorn.png            h.w.p.vandentoorn at uu.nl
> 1604_USStairs_BeateSchroder-Wettwer.png        BAT-fotos at t-online.de
> 1604_XubuntuQuantalStudio_CFHowlett.png        cfhowlett at hotmail.com
> ART TEAM NOTE: Hotwheel, by Lui Li Hua was in the top 3 throughout this
> election cycle and was #1 in the final tally.  Absent objections or
> suggestions, I assign Hotwheel as the default wallpaper for the 16.04
> release.  As we are trying to beat feature freeze, please advise post
> haste if this is unacceptable.
> I will send out public notice of these results on 02/18/16.

We have until UI freeze to decide on the look. Also, we can make changes
after that, if we really need to, so no big hurry.

Since Zak has not been around much, I've taken the role as art lead. So,
I will do the final decision, but we should have a discussion about
which one is suitable as default. Also, the default does not have to be
one of these, though it would be nice.

I like HotWheel. I'm slightly bothered by the CoF not being in the
middle of the image. I'm sure the artist wanted to make up for the
flames on the left side, but it gives it a slightly skewed impression to
me. Also, it's a bit upward from the centre. All in all, it feels
strange to me.

But, if we would prefer this one, we could work together with the artist
to find the perfect default wallpaper for us. Besides working with the
symmetry, another thing I would try is change the coloring. A blue flame
would probably be the best fit for us, even if the original is "cooler"
as an image. I any case, I would like to add something blue to it. There
are a lot of things you could try to make the wallpaper a better fit for
us as a default.
I'll contact the artist to see if he would be interested in working more
on it.

Other than HotWheel, I don't get a clear feeling for a default
wallpaper. There are some nice images there, no doubt. But, none of them
are perfectly suitable as the default.

I'm a little uncertain about the two wallpapers that I designed (I
didn't add them to the contest, btw). They were not production ready in
any way. I was working on a new one for trusty, before Zak came along,
and then abandoned my work (I did the one for 13.10). So, I would like
to remove the one with the logo at least. That one is not meant to be a
wallpaper anyway. So, please add whatever comes in 17th place,
currently. If someone has strong feelings for whatever comes at 18th
place, I would happily remove my other one too.
Sorry to not speak before the contest. I wasn't thinking.

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