[ubuntu-studio-devel] ART TEAM ALERT! 16.04 Wallpaper Contest has been decided.

C. F. Howlett cfhowlett at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 16 12:49:28 UTC 2016

*** READ ME ****

16.04 Wallpaper Contest Winners

This is the completed list of 16.04 Wallpapers as per the public vote
conducted 02/11/16 - 02/15/16.  Final outcome is documented at the
Condorcet voting link.

NOTE 1: Adam Tuba had two winning entries; Wallpaper1 and Wallpaper1B. 
These entries are virtually identical and are distinguishable by their
creation process rather than final product.  Rather than having
identical pieces in the collection, I have eliminated the less popular
Wallpaper1B.  This bumped the number 17 entry to number 16, thus
KBambardekar_BeetleBrot joins the winning entries.


*** Naming Convention Explained ***

Some wallpapers were re-labeled to distinguish them from similarly named
pieces or to give a more meaningful name.  In all cases, wallpaper names
reflect the following naming convention:

Ubuntu Studio release number image is initially published to, e.g. 16.04    

Image Name by Artist or Packager, e.g. Moonrise Hernandez New Mexico     

Artist Name, e.g. Ansel Adams    

Example: 1604_MoonriseHernandezNM_AnselAdams.png

*** 16.04 Wallpapers ***

1604_BeetleBrot_KapilBambardekar.jpg        kapil.bambardekar at gmail.com
1604_CosmicStudio_JoseMELopez.jpg            pikilinux at gmail.com
1604_DJUS_AkrionSarash.jpg                          akrionsarash at gmail.com
1604_DockWinter_JanuszGolab.png                astranova at astranova.pl
lihualiu at ubuntukylin.com
1604_LifeInSlowMotion_PushkarDeshpande.jpg    pushkarnexus at gmail.com
1604_PlainWood_PushkarDeshpande.jpg        pushkarnexus at gmail.com
1604_SimpleUS_AdamTuba.png    EDITED: label    adam.tuba at gmail.com
1604_SoundOfLight_PushkarDeshpande.png        pushkarnexus at gmail.com
1604_USCarbon1_KajAilomaa.png    EDITED: label      zequence at mousike.me
1604_USCarbon2_KajAilomaa.png            zequence at mousike.me
1604_USCarbon_CoryKontros.png    EDITED: label      coryisatm at nc.rr.com    
1604_USLego_GoceMitevski.png            goce.mitevski at nicer2.com
1604_USLogo_HenkVanDenToorn.png            h.w.p.vandentoorn at uu.nl
1604_USStairs_BeateSchroder-Wettwer.png        BAT-fotos at t-online.de
1604_XubuntuQuantalStudio_CFHowlett.png        cfhowlett at hotmail.com

ART TEAM NOTE: Hotwheel, by Lui Li Hua was in the top 3 throughout this
election cycle and was #1 in the final tally.  Absent objections or
suggestions, I assign Hotwheel as the default wallpaper for the 16.04
release.  As we are trying to beat feature freeze, please advise post
haste if this is unacceptable.

I will send out public notice of these results on 02/18/16.

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