[ubuntu-studio-devel] support for wine-rt out-of-box?

Hank Stanglow stanglow at yandex.com
Sat Aug 20 18:45:46 UTC 2016

On 08/20/2016 07:45 AM, Len Ovens wrote:
> Adding Wine or Wine-RT to Studio is not a smooth easy thing to do.
Thanks to everyone for the helpful info. I agree that WINE-rt is not the 
best solution, but for my workflow it saves me the trouble of dual 
booting or running a VM. I admit the state of Linux audio is 
tremendously better than when I came to this community years ago. I keep 
abreast of new developments via the Linux Musicians forum and regularly 
try new plugins and DAW releases. Hopefully one day I can completely 
abandon Windows binaries for audio. We're just not there yet.

I will look into creating a guide for WINE-rt installation. I'll have to 
make one for myself anyway because my notes are a mess.

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