[ubuntu-studio-devel] support for wine-rt out-of-box?

Hank Stanglow stanglow at yandex.com
Fri Aug 19 06:47:17 UTC 2016

Hello, I am a Web Developer, Artist, Musician, and long time user of 
Ubuntu Studio. You guys do a great job! This distribution gives me the 
best out-of-box experience for Web Development and I find the Art and 
Publishing tools perfectly adequate for my needs. Music and Video? Not 
so much, but this a problem for all Linux distributions. In fact, after 
seven years of fumbling with the JACK/ALSA/Pulse nightmare I've given up 
using native tools and now use WINE exclusively for audio work. Even KX 
Studio has more problems than I care to deal with and the only thing I 
take from its repos is wine-rt. If I were to make ONE suggestion for 
Ubuntu Studio it would be to have a super stable, low-latency WINE-rt 
environment for audio users (or good instructions on how to set one up).

That said, I am currently NOT using Ubuntu Studio as of 16.04. This is 
because of one reason only, that is, too many bugs in Thunar. I know 
could install a different tool (pcmanfm is great), but the file manager 
is an integral part of a system and I really love Thunar above others. I 
also know this has nothing to do with Ubuntu Studio. I hope the 
XFCE/Thunar team can quickly fix their wonderful DE. As soon as they do 
I will be back with Ubuntu Studio. In the meantime I am using Ubuntu 
MATE, which is pretty good! Has you ever considered a MATE version? 
Though I imagine it would be impractical to support two desktop 

Thanks for your hard work and have a super day,

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