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eylul eylul at ubuntustudio.org
Fri Aug 12 18:05:32 UTC 2016


> I really love the home page you did. However, for the rest of the 
> website, I would go with a white background under dark text, even if 
> the general background is dark. Yes, many applications we have in 
> Ubuntu Studio have a dark theme, but a website is not a 
> terminal/application and perhaps you should should try a more "easy to 
> read" style ;-)
Actually there can be arguments made for both dark and light backgrounds 
for readability. Some (about half of people) prefer light backgrounds, 
and a lot of sites uses dark text on white, true. :) However, there is 
still value for dark on light layouts if carefully done, especially in 
terms of less strain on eyes when reading, for text heavy content.

A white layer on dark with dark text is probably not the best through 
regardless, if I am understanding your suggestion correctly, in that it 
would be a contrast on the borders that competes with the content for 
user's focus. There is also an argument to be made to not switch layouts 
and color schemes that drastically between pages (more so than we have 
already done anyway). :)

> Is it based on Wordpress too ? Will you ask to Canonical to host it ?
Its Wordpress, and it will be hosted at ubuntustudio.org, so I guess yes?


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