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Wed Aug 3 15:56:08 UTC 2016

Bonjour Antoine,

onsdagen den 3:e augusti 2016 kl. 16:50:00 CEST, ttoine <ttoine at ttoine.net> 
> Actually, I had a discussion in the past with Canonical and they agree to
> give me a license to set this kind of merchandising deal with the Ubuntu
> Studio logo. That is how it was possible to set the spreadshirt shop.
> Canonical is not nice at all when it comes to brand management, btw. 

I ment hellotux, but i admit my answer was oddly put.

> They
> take great care and I am contacted regularly by their legal department.

Good to know!

> This is something many knew a few years ago in the Ubuntu Studio team, but
> it seems that many don't know of forget that nowadays ;-)

Yes, most ancient members have moved on.. On that note It's good to see you 
arround! :)

> I also think this is why hellotux contacted me directly.

Good to know i can forward this kind of requests to you if they arrive :)



Set Hallström
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