[ubuntu-studio-devel] new website

autumna autumna at gmail.com
Tue Apr 26 20:52:13 UTC 2016

Just to continue some of the discussions that happened on IRC before the 

I am assuming that at least for the this cycle of the website the layout 
is mostly done, but we need to update/revisit the content. I do remember 
that Kaj mentioned would like to have a more in depth revision of the 

If we want to revisit the content, maybe we can start with some personas,
and scenarios and move from there? This might help us brainstorm, even 
though we will not (I assume) run a user-centered design process.

So just to start the example some personas stubs thoughts for the website:

user A: long time Ubuntu Studio user. experienced musician

user B: previous linux user. Film editor, is just switching to Ubuntu 
Studio for first time.

User C: first time linux user. Expert graphic designer.

We could go more detailed with these personas, or add more, or just go 
to scenarios.

Of course we could also choose a very different way to have this 
discussion of how to organize content and
what is needed at the website.  :)

Ideas? thoughts?



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